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Have you been looking for a sound proof way to get into real Estate Investing where your cash or credit won’t matter? If so, start with watching this video and you will thank me later.

This Step By Step Video explains how the entire process of Wholesaling Houses works without using your cash or credit. Once you watch this video please dive into my other 200+ Free Videos that explains the process fully.

I’ve used this 1 Page Contract for 13 years and counting, watch this video as i explain how to fill out my contract for motivated sellers and how I’ve used it to negotiate some of my best deals because it’s so simple and easy to understand.

This video details how Ive used the power of a purchase and sales agreement with buyers instead of an assignment contract to maximize every dime out of every deal that comes your way.

In order to know if you have a deal or not you must know what the value of a property will be in excellent condition. This video explains how to Calculate the ARV – (After Repair Value) in 60 secs for free.


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